Learn the project management secrets of a creative professional who has produced film, TV and music video projects, bestselling books and branding for VIP authors, and more! Whether your big creative goal is to rock the bookshelves, launch a kickass product, produce a multimedia project, or any other big exciting creative goal, you will learn proven strategies to get your project on track for big success from day one!

Find Out:

  • The secrets to getting clients, employees, vendors, contractors and everyone else involved on the same page, working harmoniously and in sync.
  • The very best in geeked-out project management tools and resources.
  • Conflict resolution strategies specifically for high-pressure situations that occur on creative projects.
  • How to balance the fun, creative aspects of the project with the meticulous attention to detail required for success (because if nobody’s having fun what’s the point?).

Are you ready to produce your next big creative goal like a Hollywood pro?