Developer Camp at #GGW2016

Developer Camp is a three-day hackathon and community event, held regularly in cities all around the world. It relies on a certain pattern to create trust and foster cooperation — right up until the presentations begin. Our next gathering is a special event just for women and girls.

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The elite corps of Developer Camp Counselors—winners of past events, and distinguished members of our community from the Bay Area and Portland stand ready to teach and help.


A 48-hour collaborative event, featuring superstar hackers and designers to help everyone learn to code, build custom hardware, and generally make ideas come to life.

When & Where

October 7–9, 2016 at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Nevada as part of as part of Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend.


There is a huge opportunity to bring diversity to the technology industry. There are a few examples of great women leaders in tech: Sheryl Sandberg, Bozoma St. John, Ann Greenberg, and Jessica Scorpio, to name a few.

There should be more opportunities for women in tech.

Currently, limitations on these opportunities are tied to a few factors:

  • Lack of awareness. It is clear that, even if leaders know about the importance of diversity, there is no concept of how badly a lack of diversity affects innovation and business.
  • Lack of inclusion. While many describe Silicon Valley as a “meritocracy,” many tech events and communities lack the outreach required to represent all kinds of people.
  • Lack of equality. Even if there is a broad base of inclusion and great diversity, the imbalance in pay and equity represents a giant opportunity for all.

During this event, we will have mentors and Camp Counselors on hand to help participants:

Learn to code using the free Swift Playgrounds on iPad.

Hack on hardware using free Make Crates.

Mock up your app using free software like Sketch.

Join the hundreds of women and girls who have already shown that they can push their own expectations—and expand their identity—to become developers.

This event is made possible by a growing list of sponsors: Google, lululemon athletica, Soylent, and Getaround.

You can do this. Join us in Lake Tahoe, October 7–9.



  • 1700 — Doors Open
  • 1700–1800 — Mixer
  • 1800–1900 — Welcome and Introductions
  • 1900–2100 — Idea / Mentorship Pitches
  • 2200 — Overnight begins and doors close


  • 0900–1000 — Continental Breakfast
  • 1000–1200 — Introductions & Inspiration
  • 1300–1400 — Lunch
  • 1200–2200 — Hacking and Learning with Swift and MakeCrates
  • 1800–1900 — Dinner
  • 2200–0900 — Overnight Tea, Games, and Coding


  • 0900–1000 — Continental Breakfast
  • 1000–1400 — Prepare for Hackathon
  • 1200 — Hackathon Entries due
  • 1300–1400 — Lunch
  • 1400–1700 — Hackathon Contest
  • 1700–1730 — Awards
  • 1730–1800 — Pack It Up
  • 1800 — Doors Close

Our goal is that everyone walks away with something—a prize, an opportunity, a new skill, or a new team.

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