Attention: Female – Founders, Entrepreneurs and Change Makers
From the desk of Executive Producer Adryenn Ashley

How Can One Weekend Change Your World?

Recalibrate Your Health, Wealth & Wisdom

If you are a woman and you classify yourself as either an organizational founder, a small business entrepreneur or you’re a change maker that wants to make a real positive impact in this world, then you’ll want to read every word on this page.

Did you know, statistical evidence shows that female-founded companies earn more, are less risky and have better longevity?

Want to know why?

We’re women…because of our historical status, because of our disadvantaged starting position, we have to try harder.

We can’t afford to give up any ground to our competition because our stakes are too high and our new-found power is too precarious.

Right Now, We’re Living In Extremely Uncertain Times.

No matter who you voted for, or what your values and belief systems are, as a lady boss, we all face the same weary uncertainty.

We’re a young evolutionary breed that, although highly evolved,  is still fighting hard for recognition, power balance and appreciation for what we’ve accomplished, so far.

As leaders and pioneers, even though we do what we do, put one foot in front of the other, and march forward, it gets lonely at times.

It often feels like we fight a silent battle, all alone, with no one else to turn to for support.

  • We don’t get enough interaction.
  • We don’t get enough reinforcement.
  • Heck, we don’t get enough HUGS and that physical touch, the stuff we crave and is the fuel to our feminine power.

And even though we’ve come a long way from the days of being good housewives, we’re still trying to stake our claim in society as a whole, as being equal.

Reassurance and the things that help us thrive as women, we just don’t get enough of.

That’s about to change, big time.

More on that in a moment, but, first, another question for you.

How Do You Establish Certainty & Success In An Uncertain World?

What does success even mean to you?

While, yes, it’s probably a bit unique to each individual person, the three vectors, though, are exactly the same for every one of us.

The only 3 things you need to focus on optimizing are:

  • Your health.
  • Your wealth.
  • And your wisdom.

Is it paranoia or do you get the sense that at any moment the rug could be snatched from right under you?

Right now, NOBODY knows what’s gonna happen next.

We all need a plan, but a plan by itself is useless.

  • It needs clarity.
  • It needs reinforcement.
  • It needs teeth.

These all come via testing, tweaking and repeating.

Why not do it with sisters in a mastermind filled with women who truly understand you?

They know your struggle and they know EXACTLY what you’re going through because they are on a similar journey, walking a similar path, and their fighting similar battles.

What kind of battles?

Is This Way Off Base?

Let me paint a picture for you.

Every day you fight to make your mark.

You struggle to move your mission forward, spread your message and do the work you love and that you know, in your heart, matters.

But, what happens if you fail?

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

How do you pay your bills?

How do you pay your insurance?

And with the uncertainty of things like the “affordable care act,” which, let’s face it… ISN’T very affordable…

What happens if you do get sick in this scenario?

Health insurance premiums are exorbitantly high and nearly impossible to maintain, as it is.

If you lose that, then what?

That chain reaction, as scary as it sounds, and as much as you don’t want it to happen, it’s still a very real potential outcome.


How do we safeguard against all that?

What can you and I do, together?

First thing is learn the practical ways on how to bulletproof your health.

You’ve GOT to STAY Healthy.

We’re transitioning from an age of caring for the sick to…you avoiding sickness at all costs.


Because, frankly, NOT getting sick is all most of us can afford.

It will end up saving you so much money if you just learn the simple things you can do to maintain your health.

You know you should be doing things like:

  • Eating better food
  • Taking the right supplements
  • Practicing the right healthy habits (frankly, these aren’t really that difficult to maintain if you learn the simple ways to ingrain them – we’ll show you the tricks)

You’ll learn everything you need to know to flip your health switch on, fast and you’ll have everything you need to make it last.

The reality is the vast majority of people are just one sickness away, one car repair away, one paycheck away from losing everything.

If that’s troubling to you, know that you’re not alone.

Even though the negative outcomes are a possibility, we believe we can show you how to virtually eliminate those odds.

The “Make Seven Figures In 7 Days” Fallacy

Let’s talk a little bit about your social media newsfeed for a moment.

How many times have you seen the latest “gooroo” celebrity touting how easy it is to make ridiculous amounts of money online?

“Use this guaranteed 7 step push button system and all your money worries go bye bye.”

“See how she made a bajillion dollars in her spare time while sipping mai tais on the beach.”

You ever think to yourself “How come I’m not doing that?”

“What do they know that I don’t?”

“How come I’m not that successful?”

How do those claims make you feel?



Well, here’s another thought, how about this…

Are these claims even real?

How can you tell?

Who do you trust?

Who’s telling you the truth?

The truth is we live in an era of illusion and deception. What sells are the buzzwords they know you want to hear.

But, what really works, what really makes a legitimate, long lasting impact in your life, your finances and your well being is…


Let’s remove the smoke and mirrors.

Let’s remove all the B.S. and fluffy soundbites that are just meant to manipulate you, confuse you and make short term sales for these folks that simply want to sell you.

United, let’s make a difference, together.

All of us…that’s why we’re all gathering.

Imagine building a fortress designed specifically to secure your health, your wealth, and your wisdom, everything that makes up your well being?

How would removing uncertainty impact your life?

What would that do for your business?

For your family?

And how might that impact your financial situation?

If you can account for and optimize for all 3 vectors, you will be fully prepared, protected and become a most formidable adversary against WHATEVER comes down your pipeline.

You don’t have to fake it until you make it.

In fact, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just surround yourself with real badassess, real leaders, real women who, all, also only want to surround themselves with no one else, but those that are authentic, transparent and are the best and brightest?

Wisdom comes from experience, but is augmented by the collective.

While yes, individually, we all have experience, but together we’re legion.

So, What’s This All Leading To?

Something epic is happening, a huge weekend long event.

Where it’s taking place can only host 500 pioneering women, and this letter has been shared with close to 1 million of them.

You are one of them, so, please, consider this your invitation.

Space and hotel accommodations are extremely limited and with all the buzz, and promotional efforts we’ve got about this, we’re expecting to sell out.

If you’re serious about stepping up your game, leveling up and being surrounded by, challenged by, nurtured by, and empowered by like-minded awesome sauce women, then act on this fast.

This event is all about letting go of your daily stress.

Release whatever pressure you might be feeling.

Come and collaborate with other amazing, seriously badass lady bosses, who are all here to inspire you, reassure you, invigorate you, test you and, ultimately, support you.

This is all about nurturing and kicking ass, TOGETHER.

Accountability requires commitment, sacrifice and focus.

This event embodies all of that.

Ditch the rest of the world, come and plan how to make your life, your business, your EVERYTHING successful during this time of uncertainty.

Half Of This Nation Is Crazy

You ever feel like you need a dose of sanity?

Ever have day to day dealings with people and just think to yourself “W..T…F?”

Sometimes you might wonder if it’s you, but…no…it’s not….it’s them (trust your instincts).

How much more could you develop if you were surrounded by other strong and aspiring women who are as sane, smart and ambitious as you?

The truth is it feels good to know and have powerful allies you can turn to when you need them.

And look, the truth is, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, no matter who you voted for….

The next 4 years offers up an opportunity to create the most powerful change and transformation our country has ever seen.

And that ONLY happens with YOUR participation.

Why not come and be a part of the movement designed to shape your immediate future?

Come fortify and protect yourself against risk, against craziness and whim.

Take charge.

Be in control.

We WILL create the largest number of change makers.

We are a group of powerful women who can fix the things that ail us NOT BECAUSE of the administration, but DESPITE the administration.

We do not need permission to be great. We already are. You already are.

We have the complete list of things we not only think are important, but the main key issues we KNOW are important, we KNOW matters and we passionately feel in our hearts, we can change to our will.

Come be a part of a special class of women joined together, who represent a few of the seriously underestimated but unquestionably fierce, focused and determined to succeed minority that will lead the charge and make change real.

Here, you will have the tools and resources you need to do that.

Come be a part of the first annual…

Girlfriends Getaway Weekend


A Bit About Me and Why I’m Even Doing This

I started life as an actress. No really, straight out of the womb, and memorizing Shakespear’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream cover to cover at age 8. But then the love of the craft gave way to the need for fame.

Being ambitious, I used to rely on my youthful (fleeting) beauty instead of my brain.

I pursued the “dream” and made it to Hollywood.

I thought I was on my way by taking, what I considered, noteworthy roles in films you may or may not have heard of (like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Flubber”), but life had different plans for me, which we’ll get into in a moment.

As I’d imagine like most people, I can vividly remember sitting in front of the mindless machine aka the television and channel flipping over some of the worst no value adding stuff you could imagine.

Stuff like Honey Boo Boo or The Kardashians and 24/7 News cycles broadcasting fear-inducing scenarios between every artificially flavored commercial, etc….

You know, T.V. that makes you fat?

That sort of terrible for your mind, terrible for your life television had a major impact on the direction my life took once the accident happened.

Blondie Gets A Brain – My Wakeup Call


As you may know, when I was 28, on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer, I had a tragic, game changing accident.

I fell off a truck during filming, and the injury I sustained kept me in a cast for 18 months and unable to walk without an assistive device for 6 years.

Though not fun, it did end up being a pivotal moment for me.

Now that I was handicapped, this was the first time I had to start using my smarts instead of relying solely on my looks.

Once reality set in and I kicked fear to the curb, I realized, beauty is so superficial and lazy compared to what you can have if you simply tap into your creative intelligence.

Up until then, I didn’t have to try hard, or do any thinking whatsoever for myself, I could simply rely on my looks and magic happened.


I have a brain and I like to think I’m fairly intelligent, so…

Why the hell wasn’t I using it?

While I was laid up in a cast, in bed, I started reading Modesty Blaise. Not the normal way people start working on mindset, personal development, empowerment, but due to my physical limitations, I wasn’t as physically active as I was once used to. I lived vicariously through this fictional character and taking on her traits, her badassery, the never quit attitude, and her ability to control her emotional reactions so she could “act upon” a situation.  While my mindset and attitude improved, I neglected to notice the other changes going on in my body…

I saw my weight explode.

Yeah, I got fat!

I went from a size 0 to a size 10. (yeah, I know, still smaller than 75% of the country, but huge for me).

So, what did I do?

Thankfully, 16 years of cheerleading had taught me to smile through anything, and my newfound self-reliance I learned from Modesty, well, that was a winning combination.

Testing My Newly Discovered Super Power

Well, now that I had to start using my smarts (thank God), it forced me to pick a better “why” for my life.

All of a sudden I had a better purpose.

I learned to zig when life was trying to force me to zag.  I took hold of my situation and used that to change direction and so, I morphed myself into a producer.

I produced my first film called “Metal” (filmed on location in the mean gang laden streets of Hunters Point, San Francisco), which is an interesting story unto itself, but the point of which, proved I had what it took to produce award winning material. Sidenote: I created and produced the talk show Wake Up! from idea to on national broadcast television in 4 months. Wake Up! is all about helping you live a better life. The hosts, the guests, the content, the community, the entire Wake Up! eco-system is driven to one purpose. You!  That’s how this event was born, as a viewer appreciation party to celebrate that we broke the mold and prove that television doesn’t have to make you fat, or depressed, or afraid.

Using that knack, I went on to produce more shows, made a lot of networking connections and became a nexus for putting important people in touch with each other.

I was a beacon for making stuff happen for folks (and yes, I still am, thank you).

You – The Next Phase Of My Mission And Purpose

There has never been a more important time to be more self-reliant or self-determined.

And in order for that to happen, you NEED to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

You can’t count on insurance.  You can’t count on a job.  You can’t count on things just working themselves out and you being ok.

No, you need to safeguard yourself and I want to help you see how to do all that.

So, What Can You Expect By Attending This Event?

While it’s impossible to fully encapsulate what’ll take place in detail, this event is not just all business and numbers. We bring you the tools for a better life, for your whole life.

The goal is for everyone in the room to meet everyone else that they’re supposed to meet.  I am dedicated to making those introductions.

Just by showing up, mixing and mingling, you’ll already have a 50% greater success advantage than any colleagues, peers or competitors in your space.

So, while we cover boosting your bottom line, dominating your digital domain and becoming a viral sensation, we also talk about the things that no one else opens up about in public, let alone a group of powerful women.

The taboos topics.

The embarrassing topics.

The hard to discuss without getting angry type of topics.

For example:

Do you secretly think you’re crazy and just fake it so well nobody notices? (confession: that was me my whole childhood til I was 20). You might not be! If you have the MTHFR gene mutation (aka the M*th’r F#$k’r gene) – everything you eat that’s processed food, which contains synthetic folic acid, could be making you crazy.

For 30% of the population, they don’t need prozac, they need to stop eating crap. (A simple gene test will let you know if you can skip the pills and just start reading ingredient labels).

We bring you doctors who will share effective alternative treatments you don’t know about that could drastically affect your own or your family’s health.

We’re not discussing lip gloss.

We’re not gonna talk about General Hospital or Desperate Housewives or any of the other crap that DOES NOT MATTER!

The only things we’re covering are the things that optimize your life essentials.

We want to show you how to overcome shame, how to be self-assured, the things you can do to empower your own self-confidence.

Need parenting advice? (Let’s talk about what works, and not what doesn’t…skip the b.s.)

Relationship Advice?  (Are you on the brink of divorce?  Know the warning signs and what you can do if you want to save your marriage).

We want to talk about the things you’d only ever talk about with your best (smartest) girlfriends.  Those deep dark secrets that no one likes airing out because, maybe, you feel like they’re too shameful, and you’re worried people might judge you.

This is your safe place to finally get past all that bullshit.  And what happens when you eliminate bullshit?

Your life gets better.  Fast.

Things you want to happen start to happen.

Change comes for the better.

That baggage you’ve been lugging around with you, it’s now gone.

That weight is lifted off your shoulders because we’re gonna remove it with you.

No more carrying around excess bullshit burdens that you never wanted in the first place.

The Benefit To You Is First Hand Transformation

There is no substitute for attending an event like this LIVE.  All the things you can’t get from an ebook, you can’t get from a video, you can’t get from an audio, you will get here.

When you show up and after you’ve attended this event, you’ll be newly calibrated.  You’ll have a fixed compass and clear roadmap of where you’re headed and what’s your purpose.

You’ll have new tools, new content, new friends and you will bear witnessed to (and experienced), first hand, transformation at the event of a lifetime.

Yes, I’ll go so far as to say we’re making history together.

I’ve put on dozens of amazing events, so I know what works, and what you need to create the life you want.

In 2009 I launched the Curing Unemployment Tour – inspiring entrepreneurship as an alternative to joblessness.

Launched 10 people’s businesses in one 4 day event. Not bad. And many, many more had breakthroughs that led them to become self-employed.

They all had one common factor holding them back: When you can’t see your value, how is anyone else supposed to see it?

Here is what other people have said about my events:

Still Skeptical?  Smart Girl.  I Don’t Blame You

Look, up until this point, I can only imagine this thing has been painted as the second coming of the messiah.

While, of course, I’m excited and passionate about this event taking place, but the truth remains that I’m the one sitting on this side of the table.  I have to make it sound like the bees knees, and believe me, it will be.


I want to keep this objective, and make sure to temper this stuff with a little reality check because if I were you, sitting here, reading this letter, I’m not gonna lie and tell you I wouldn’t be a little bit skeptical, too.

I’d probably be sitting there saying to myself: “Why in the world should I waste 3 days and hundreds of dollars on hotel and travel to attend this event?”

“Like, really…what’s so special?”

Does that sound about right?

I mean, after all, you’re busy working in your business.  You’re busy with stuff that matters.

You can’t just go blowing money and time, willy nilly, hanging out with a bunch of girls for the weekend, I mean it sounds like partying, right?

Yeah, but who says you can’t take a little time off from inside your business, while taking stock of where you are, making connections that matter, doing the work that matters, all while having fun, working ON your business?

Stephen Covey, one of the most notable self-development authors of our time, who wrote the book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People,” notes in his 7th habit: sharpen the saw.

This event is all about the 7th habit of your success. It’s all about self-renewal, self-care, self-respect and self-improvement…while making the connections that matter.

What could possibly be a more worthwhile reason to attend any event?

This is about you.

This is about us.

This is about finding your certainty during uncertain times in an uncertain world.

You spend so much time executing the work of your business, it’s reasonably certain you don’t do enough of the reassessing whether or not your plan is working.

The secret says “What you focus on expands.”  Well, guess what?  If you can’t focus then nothing’s expanding.

If I were to distil the main reason to attend this event into one sentence, I’d say it’s because our entire purpose is to help you network with other women with similar goals and who are looking and want to help you accelerate your business.

So, What Happens If You Don’t Sign Up For This Event?

What happens if you do nothing at all?

What’s the outcome then?

Will things get any better?

Will your situation change?

Will they get worse?

How will you fare if you stay on the wave of complacency and continue forward with no plan?

If you’re ok with the alternative then hey, don’t let us stop you.

Otherwise, if this sounds like it’s for you and this sounds like the event you want to be a part of, then I look forward to seeing you there.


Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley.


P.S.  The Hotel room block will sell out fast, so if you want an invite to the “Block Party” Thursday night, you need to grab your room.