The Greatness Factor™ – How to Discover What Makes You Great

Science, philosophy and religion rarely agree. But they actually agree on this one thing – we are each born great. We are each hardwired to be amazing. We each have unique abilities – gifts – that make us who we are. We are great at some things but not others. We love some things but not others. We are one of a kind. And at the center of this is our Greatness Factor – our unique talents, strengths and passions – our built in competitive advantage to be able to be happy and successful in life.

Though we have this factor, few of us know it – or how to use it to build a life that helps us reach our potential. We didn’t come with an owners manual when we were born that gave us the information we need. Instead, we have to tune into our lives to see our reactions to things to start to discover our Greatness Factor.

Jay shares his stories of growing up in a large Italian family to show how, even in a loud and animated family, we can each can discover our Greatness Factor and use it to build great and happy lives.

Join this entertaining program that will help you know you and your world better to discover or create ways to move from good to great in both work and life.

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